Design from 12$ m2. Architecture 5$ m2. Visualization of 5$ m2.

Interior Design. 3D Images

Every request for an architectural or a design project will go through the following stages:

  • We receive your design brief and evaluate it for 1-2 days.
  • We get back to you with costs and incorporate a time schedule for the job.
  • Once we get your approval, an initial deposit must be arranged.
  • Within the time frames we will present you the summary of ideas and inspirations for the project.
  • After you approve them, we will be expecting to receive the final payment.
  • As an output, we provide you with calculated visuals / renderings.

Pricing for 3D Images

Interior Design

  • 3D rendering (modern design)— $5-8 for a sq m (minimal order is $20). The price can be negotiated if the project is larger than 200 sq m. Returning customers are eligible for discounts.
  • 3D rendering (classic design)— $9-14 for a sq m (minimal order is $20). The price can be negotiated if the project is larger than 200 sq m. Returning customers are eligible for discounts.
  • We require an initial payment of 70% if the total project cost is below $400 and 50% if the total cost is over $400.
  • A number of images for each room depends on its size. Less than 10 sq m — 2 images; 10-50 sq m — 3 images; larger than 50 sq m — 4 images. Every additional image will be charged $30.

Exterior Design


Prices vary depending on the size: Houses of  300 sq m and below — $500 300 sq m — 600 sq m — $750 600 sq m — 1000 sq m — $900 over 1000 sq m — $1000


Up to 4 images per task will be provided.


The number of images should be discussed prior to commencing a job.


The number of images should be discussed prior to commencing a job.

Terms and Conditions

  • Timelines for rendering are established after customers hand out an approved detailed concept and make an initial payment. The request should be clear and concise and not leave any openings for uncertainty. Every task that has not been included in the original concept will be charged extra.
  • If the client wants to make changes to renderings, we are ready to make them twice free of charge, if the volume of work to be redone is less than 40% of the whole project. If changes apply to 40% of the project and above, they can be done for the fee of $30 for every additional illustration.
  • Times of completion can be extended if a client doesn’t deliver required information within given time frames. Outdated requests will be completed with an additional charge of 30-50% of the original price. Client’s respond and approval waiting periods, and time needed for making the requested changes, are not considered to be a part of completion time frames.

 Design Project from 20$ per square meter

PRELIMINARY DESIGN. 1. A plan of premises with dimensions indicating the important elements, struts, opening height (tonnage plan). 2. Legend of premises with an indication of the existing space. 3. Drawings by hand, unique collections. 4. Collages Deals with callouts some elements which will go (the amount at the discretion of the Contractor). 5. Planning solution (2-3 choices Principal- sketches by hand, after the approval of the drawing). Additional planning solutions are not included. 6. Plan for mounting and dismantling partitions. 7. The plan of arrangement of furniture and equipment (wiring diagram is specified installation provider). Bindings email. points are made after selecting the models of furniture. 8. Sketches design, planning zones, elements. 9. Predvaritelnaya3d model (gray). 10. Layout of plumbing appliances with an indication of their location and size, if necessary. (Wiring diagram is specified installation provider). 11. On the basis of the customer’s specifications (Appendix №3) Contractor proposed conceptual solution of the interior in the form of sketches made by hand in writing. 12. After reviewing the design of the customer is obliged to assure his signature or send “Approved _______ ***” by e-mail. 13. Following the approval of the sketch NIC provides a drawing made on the basis thereof, the change is charged extra. Work projects. 1. Three-dimensional visualization in perspective (4 kinds) 3d model may differ from the actual, but while maintaining the size, clear compliance the concept of color (to Purchase achieved through further consultation). 2. Statement of the drawings. 3. Plan suspension and suspended ceiling. In developing the plan takes into account the vents, the concept of the design space, the need for electrical wiring, operation. 4. Plan floors (floor coverings), if necessary including pie floor (if necessary layout flooring shall be made on a separate sheet), with an indication of the catwalks, ramps, moldings (moldings table), thresholds. 5. Plan of warm floors (stacking border), sometimes not reflected on a separate sheet, and in terms of gender. 6. Planck diagram indicating the direction of opening the door, and an indication of their location, size of doorways (in the table). Details of the door frames, facing slopes agreement at the stage door of purchase. 7. Plan electrical (el binding. Points, TV, telephone, internet, call, sconces, lamps, furniture, taking into account the location, etc.). Documentation of fire and security alarm perform specialized organizations. 8. San. components: Plan layout tiles on the floor. Sweep the walls with the layout of materials, electrical display. Species: “A», «B», «C», «D». 9. Statement of finishing the premises with an indication of the area perimeter, area. 10. Statement of doors and doorways, indicating the opening of paintings, overlooking finishes and stylistic decisions. 11. Specification of electrical equipment (sockets, switches, lighting fixtures). 12. Preliminary estimates for repairs with an indication of the area, the price per m2, possibly indicating ranges depending on the nuances of the notes. The total amount of the estimates may also be in the range depending on the choice of materials.

Architecture, urban planning and architectural design, pre-proposals and investment projects, kootedzhi. The scope of work for the design 1. Draft project (EP) At this stage, we agree with you all the solutions for the project. At the end of the stage you get conceptual album project. The composition of the album Explanatory notes (description of the master plan, architecture, design, materials). Master plan with landing and anchor building. Floor plans. Roof plan. Necessary sections illustrating the height of floors and elevations. Facades. Visualization 3-4 pieces. Graphic diagram illustrates the decisions. 2. “Project documentation” (PD) This step is necessary for passing the examination of projects – it houses more than 1500 m² and up 3 floors and the public over 2 floors. Step is performed in accordance with Resolution 87 of the Russian Federation. 3. “Working documentation” (RD) There developed drawings to the construction site. Before leaving the stage RP need to agree the terms of reference of the project. Make geology and toposёmku site. This stage consists of three sections: Architectural Section (AR). The design section (KR). Engineering (R & D). The scope of work section of the AP: Plans with the layout timber. Facades facing with the layout. Incisions with pies walls, ceilings roof terraces. Nodes. Plans sexes. Order list and stained glass windows. Drawings fence. Drawings of the stairs. Other details. The scope of work section of the CD: Load conditions. Foundation. Thermal calculations. All the structural elements of the house. The construction of walls, floors, roofs. Specifications. The scope of work section DI: Project underfloor heating system. The project harnesses the boiler equipment. Gas Supply Project. Water supply and sewerage outer and inner (VC). Ventilation and Air Conditioning (VC). Power supply inside the house. Power supply area outside. Project Lightning. What do I need to start work Link to Google Maps in place (area). Cadastral passport section. Topographic surveying site (surveying) all run along the area network. The geology of the site. The terms of reference drawn up in tabular form: Architecture: style, suggestions, photos, examples liked the house in general, and details, such as a porch, a ladder Materials and structures: foundations, floors, walls, windows, roof, attic, wall cladding, roof. Floor construction. Engineering: water and sewage (septic tank, well, external networks, boiler room), heating, ventilation (natural, forced-air), electrical load, non-traditional sources of energy. office loft